Rukota Ranch Horse Rehoming Inc.



Looking for a New Horse?

Rehoming Requirements:

  • THE HORSE:  Every person interested in a horse must first meet the horse, work with and/or ride to ensure a good match.
  • FARM CHECK: To ensure the property and other animals are adequate for the horse.
  • VETERINARIAN REFERENCE: For current or previous horses or other animals.
  • CONTRACT: No slaughter, no auction, agreed farm updates, rehoming agreement which all equine must remain under.  Any rehoming, leasing, etc for any equine once entered into our program must be done under our contract(s) with the original person and the new person which we provide for every equine free of charge.  This is so we can ensure all equine that have entered our program remain in our program and always have the best possible care.
  • SCHEDULED FARM VISITS: After every rehoming to ensure horse and person are working well together and to ensure health needs of the horse is being met.
  • UPDATES: Pictures/videos and brief descriptions of progress periodically.  These will be posted publicly on our social media and website showing how life is going for each horse.
  • OPTION TO SURRENDER BACK:  If for any reason a new owner situation does not work out, we will always allow all horses that have come through our program to be surrendered back.
  • REGISTRATION PAPERS: All registration papers are only transferred after updates show horse and owner are a good match.  Time frame is determined by each individual situation.
  • FEES: All rehoming fees, trailering, etc. must be paid in full prior to any equine leaving our ranch.  We no longer accept payments.  Please be sure of your ability to care for any animal as we require a veterinarian reference and a farm check prior to rehoming.  This means any and all security deposits are non-refundable if the rehoming falls through due to the fault of the buyer failing to meet our requirements.  The security deposit is used for the feed, veterinary care, farrier care, board, etc. during the time the equine is being held.
  • APPLICATION:  If you would like an application kept on file so when your ready to adopt you are preapproved, message or call us and we can email or mail one to you.

We Offer with Every Rehoming:

All of our horses come with current coggins, rabies, farrier, dentistry, veterinarian care, etc.  We can supply each horse with a full set of tack that is properly fitted to the horse so your off to a good start (ask about our current availability).  We also offer to help with anything, anytime.  Whether feed questions, wound help, ground work, riding, etc. via video, pictures or we will come to you as well.  We try to take the guess work out of finding your new horse to make sure both horse and owner are happy.

Would You like Your Horse to Enter our Program?

All horses that enter our program must have rabies and coggins updated prior to trailering.  We offer to pick up your horse for free and do not charge previous owners any fees.  Our program is designed to give previous owners a safer option rather than private sale or auction.  We will schedule your trailering with what best meets your schedule and ours.  Once your horse arrives, we will refresh/train the horse in any way that is needed.   We try to figure out what each horse enjoys to do to further the potential of proper fit with a new owner.  All horses that come to our farm remain on our farm or with our foster farms indefinitely until they are ready to go to their new home.  During their stay on our farm, every horse gets farrier care, dentistry and veterinary care as needed.